The Ken Goldstein Project appears to be minimally functional again.

Not to go into detail, but for the devheads out there, it appears that some file corruption was disallowing access to the tables – duping them at the system level, and renaming, solved the problem.

Er, make that ‘solved,’ since I don’t have a genuine technical solution, just a functional site again. It’s quite possible there are hidden problems, but, as usual, I must do other things now.

4 thoughts on “KGP redux

  1. You know, I was briefly interested when I saw my name, but then you started babbling about something or other and I kind of skimmed the rest. Just let me know when I get my check.

    Speaking of which, is that little “Remember Info?” box down there just for decoration?

  2. It works when I open the post on its permanent archive page, not when I open the comment box from the main page. Just for the record…

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