@manwhoyells heck no! fiftythree’s apps are weak and strongly oriented to pay-per-feature. good marketing, though. – 01:04 AM GMT
$20 Aeron exploratory teardown a success! Mfr date: 05/98. No way to address stripped tensioning driver gear: tension unit seems worn out. – 01:07 AM GMT
Which, hey, $20, so no big deal. Unit was built and delivered sans tilt lock/limiter, and has the tear-down to reposition arms. – 01:09 AM GMT
Plenty of parts catalogs and teardown/fixit vids. However, the tilt lock/limiter set is restricted from direct consumer sale by mfr. – 01:10 AM GMT
I have not seen tensioning unit replacement videos and suspect that part too is mfr restricted. saw the lock-limiter set quoting at $179. – 01:11 AM GMT
before labor, mind. more legwork later. strongly suspect legit parts/labor to refurb will exceed new chair price (about $499, i think). – 01:12 AM GMT