technically, i think our 85,000 mile Prius must be a greater Craigslist triumph but today is all about the $20 Aeron. – 01:24 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt it was there but minor. Came in via Epic, Marvel’s answer to MH in its’ US incarnation. late 70s. – 01:48 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt there were full-color all-over page comps pre DKR too. But DKR’s commitment to tight repro with a top-line character was new. – 01:49 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt Via Epic, there was a full-paint series by jim starlin (?) involving neo-egyptian gods or something. – 01:50 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt generally speaking, moving past the trad 4-color look was in response to eurocomix, no question. Bilal, Moebius, Druillet. – 01:51 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt in the late-70s US stuff that was full-paint I recall a guy, pepe moreno, in particular. think he was even on NBM. – 01:52 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt Anyway, torrent up some of those old Epic issues and you can see what I mean. Extant but not used for underwear pervs mostly. – 01:54 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt seems like maybe Star*Reach had some early Elric adaptations that were painted but reproed in screened b/w – 01:56 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt (E:A is *just* post DKR. I have vague memories of knowing Sienkewicz’ art prior, however) – 02:04 AM GMT
@sumit we’ve taken it to 170k in three years. sadly, last mechanic visit they suggested a new combustion engine. 🙁 – 01:50 PM GMT
@iasshole juneuary – 01:51 PM GMT
RT: @rasbt: A very very nice gallery – Nostalgia: Apple’s lost future: phone, tablet, and laptop prototypes of the ’80s… – 01:58 PM GMT
@iasshole so far this month i haven’t refueled the car while squinting in sleet so that’s an improvement – 08:38 PM GMT
@arvidinseattle @KUOW YES! @billradkeradio – 09:11 PM GMT
Yaaaay Bill Radke yaaaay – 09:11 PM GMT