RT: @KameronHurley: Made my first book order through @Powells instead of Amazon. They take Paypal, so it was actually super convenient. – 12:14 AM GMT
amused that my non sports twitter is not that at the moment – 12:16 AM GMT
radio newscaster: “The US says George H. W. Bush is heading to the Persian Gulf” (“US says” likely intended to be “USS”) – 12:21 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @DanEngler nerts to ya both! I overnighted a heartfelt letter on Friday. – 04:51 AM GMT
itty bitty kitty ATTACK – 04:53 AM GMT
RT: @lawnrocket: Happy Fathers Day, @speltlikejakits pic.twitter.com/zx3vlAG8Gv – 05:09 PM GMT
@literaturepics @esinclai nope. hoaxoffame.tumblr.com/post/833958547… – 05:32 PM GMT
@esinclai @literaturepics at least we still have Hemingway – 06:43 PM GMT