Pursuant to my pointing out that some folks engaged in stunt blogging back ’round January, Felicity has applied stylus to wax, and bravely stepped into the breach.

As I write this, it’s just over 12 hours in, and she’s doing well – post 59 went up at 10:23 am.

A substantial portion of the posts have concerned her former career as a classical musician – a violinist, I think, but she’s not clarifed it that I saw within the boundaries of the 100 Thrilling Posts.

She wonders I might be considering such a stunt myself. In all honesty, I have to say yes. However, there are two things that force me to defer until at least a bit later – possibly Tuesday or Wednesday.

First, it’s been print week for Cinescape, and thus my short pointer-posts this week.

Second, honestly, 100 posts in 24 hours seems insufficiently challenging – I guesstimate the total word count would be about 5400 words, and I already know I can do that in a day. I want to not know if I can accomplish the goal.

Some further theme is needed, or some further constraint. 100 posts in three hours, like. Or maybe 100 posts with one hand tied behind my back. Or 100 drawings in six hours, scanned and posted. Or 100 good drawings in 12 hours, scanned and posted that same day.

Or rules: The first twenty-six posts must not use the letter a, b, c, corresponding to the numeric position of the letter, and thereafter, cycle back through the rules. Or something.

Each post is a two-sentence reflection upon a word chosen at random from a dictionary, but the whole must relate a coherent theme or story which is allowed to emerge organically from the series.

So obviously I’m thinking about it.

6 thoughts on “Oh dear

  1. An oulipian 100 posts. I considered that – for exactly 23 seconds, then rejected it. As you say, some sort of restraint that makes success uncertain. But on the other hand, not impossible.

    However, I will MOST certainly watch if you do that! I shall answer in kind.

    “Whssht! Back to your posts, Felicity! You are not done yet!”

    [she crawls back to her blog, with the plush cthulu in vengeful pursuit.]

  2. Go for it, Mike! Or Paul, if you were musing to yourself, well, go for it yourself! I myself must plead other constraints.

    Mike, I got the impression that Felicity learned on the violin, but was a professional violist, er, person who plays the viola.

  3. Re: Felicity and music, I’m pretty sure that Allan is correct.

    How about some sort of exquisite corpse thingie?

    Or instead of posting about “this is how I feel”, try and make 100 fictional posts. Some are true, and we have to figure out which. Or string them together and make a short story in 24 hours in 100 pieces.

  4. Yes, professional violist (once).

    I like the 100 pieces of a story idea, posted in no particular order. They could be like the oulipian exercise of the sonnet, where they can be assembled in any order, endlessly, to create an infinite number of stories…

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