@arthurwyatt a) pic.twitter.com/5PYdwFBuyi – 10:11 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt b) pic.twitter.com/EpG6f39KWe – 10:11 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt a) is Seattle interior, last year. b) is U-H, DC, last week. – 10:12 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt Discovery at Udvar-Hazy, exteriors, DC. Interiors: here. – 10:14 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt we are home from our meet the new/old relations jaunt, time to sked for drinkies. not tonite, we skipped bed overnite. – 10:16 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt i’ve done it twice. it’s simultaneously amazing and kind of a bummer. $25 per entrant is high, but, hey, unique resource. – 10:17 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt at Evergreen, it’s $25 per four-person party for left seat and comtrol cabin access to HK-1, arguably a rarer artifact. – 10:18 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt we did that at Evergreen, it was inexpensive and AWESOME – 10:19 PM GMT