First garden salad from grund whut I done dug this year – 01:29 AM GMT
@chetfaliszek @arthurwyatt Art, according to our plan, we will have a new dog on this date. Tentative plan to hit Richmond Beach with kids? – 01:56 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt excellent work dadbot – 01:57 AM GMT
MQT “@diablevert: Guy at this bar w a bleeding head wound+wraparound bandage. He’s drinking a PBR talboy.” attn @mighty_flynn – 02:04 AM GMT
Item: “her” is a Culture movie. Discuss. – 05:56 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt I did notice that there were some direct callbacks to Blade Runner too, most notably the scene with the owl on the ad screen – 06:22 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt I will take the damn trains already though – 06:22 AM GMT
@deathmtn i wuv my widdle wettuce – 03:28 PM GMT