@DanEngler I have an FB friend, a highschool classmate, who lives inside a western-town reenactor center, gunfights scheduled daily – 02:11 AM GMT
@DanEngler her hubs and kids are all involved. Arizona, I think. – 02:12 AM GMT
sick jelly.that’s right.*sick* jelly. you know it. – 06:42 AM GMT
i.imgur.com/nDih0wm.jpg pic.twitter.com/GiABRgkWug – 03:32 PM GMT
@ardaniel when, I was a typographer, we referred to such as the hand of god in action – 04:04 PM GMT
RT: @edinblack: Sometimes, when reading a nitpicking response to a really solid point, I think, “Mutatis mu-frikkin’-tandis!” – 04:09 PM GMT
@lorenacupcake i roast a chicken and use the stock + meat + veg + pie crust (i make, easy to buy) to make chicken pot pie. – 11:24 PM GMT
@lorenacupcake which is still winterfoody but handy for a few days for quick noms. make roux, add stock, add meat/veg, into crust, bake. – 11:26 PM GMT