RT: @brownpau: .@thenasaman In 7th grade I was allowed to ask Eugene Cernan one question. I hopped to the mic and said “THE ORANGE SOIL, WHAT WAS IT?” – 08:49 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo unless you are me – 08:50 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt thingsmagazine.net/buzz-bombs/?ut… – 04:51 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt this might be an alternate explanation for your satbot deluge. – 04:52 PM GMT
Never prompted to tweet about this in realtime, but we are totally *loving* Cosmos. Some of the script structures are so beautiful. – 04:54 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt costs less, though. use more? Russian tank doctrine. – 04:55 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt we could go halfsies – 04:56 PM GMT