@manwhoyells bleeve I was so lazy i just commented it out. My code has survived a magma cycle, making my blog scoped to geologic time – 01:50 AM GMT
Salting the Trekmarch with nuCosmos. NDGT is holding Viv’s attention, happy to say. – 03:51 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone you’ll poke your eye out – 03:56 AM GMT
So the advent of good weather has me looking for a small portable, preferably rechargeable, flatpanel TV with wifi that can run XBMC. – 03:56 PM GMT
Amazon has a range of new-ish portable TV products for just under $200, but none with onboard computing or wifi. They are designed for OTA. – 03:57 PM GMT
then I realized I was actually describing a tablet. CL shows older iPads at about $200. Guess I need to look at some Android devices too. – 03:59 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone I loved “Porco Rosso” and “The Wind Rises” but d’Annunzio’s ghost is just out of frame in every shot, which I found spooky – 04:03 PM GMT
@alan_maguire here come the warm jets, eno – 04:04 PM GMT
@mubay only if I go offbrand – 04:04 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone @arthurwyatt as is well known you guys are geniuses – 10:21 PM GMT
@ericnus @mighty_flynn i once played an oktoberfest three day gig in Centralia, we stayed overnight and had days free. “Joe Hill” in our set – 10:28 PM GMT
@ericnus @mighty_flynn so we went to the historical museum. nothing on the event, iirc, maybe incorrectly. big mural nearby, though. – 10:29 PM GMT
@ericnus @mighty_flynn we asked the museum curator dude. he was like, “well, people are still pissed off, on both sides.” So it’s avoided. – 10:30 PM GMT
@ericnus @mighty_flynn people know which side your family was on, and what your grandpa did that night, and hold your family responsible. – 10:30 PM GMT
@ericnus @mighty_flynn the past, as we all know, isn’t even the past. – 10:31 PM GMT