Ragga fragga bowsrabberl humbert grunk and so forth.

In my insomnia, I have the bright idea – “why, I’ll do that gol durn MySQL upgrade I’ve been puttin’ off.”

All goes well, when I see that the Ken Goldstein project has been disrupted. Somewhere within the guts of PostNuke, a well-intentioned geek has applied a regularizing lower-case to the name of the database that postnuke uses.

Which, of course, has been named with a scheme that includes an uppercase letter – not by me, I hasten to add! It’s the default postnuke everything!

So, hm, sez I, and mosey over to the postnuke website, to see that they recommend an upgrade and patch. Ok, sure, boys. So I get the materials.

The recommended upgrade procedure is: remove your old version, making a backup of everything, then add it back, bit by bit, after you’ve set up the new version. Geez.

Now, I have some insomnia, but, uh, that will have to wait.

2 thoughts on “!@#$%!!!

  1. In general, Mike, I would say that it is a bad idea to wake up (or get up from bed) in the middle of the night and say to oneself, “Hm. Self, I think it’s high time I did (something technical).” Next time, resist the urge! :.)

  2. Ok, so it’s late again. But here’s the apparent skinny.

    At the CLI, formerly-available commands for mysql related stuff are no longer recognized; the remedy for this is messing with the path environmental variable, well and good.

    However, I’m not convinced that it’s the source of the problem – I mean, have to do it anyway to see if I can successfully connect at the CLI with the appropriate mysql user info, but, uh, I don’t think that it’s my user at the system level that is trying to make the call.

    So I doubt that resolving it for my CLI user will resolve the problem. grumble.

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