@manwhoyells and lo, the limbs of osiris were scattered far and wide over the banks of the nile – 09:32 AM GMT
@tracicle she’s sweet and I knew her before the loops. She knows what’s happening and it frustrates her. But you know, easy to distract. – 09:34 AM GMT
@tracicle set up wifi over there so I could at least try to work, but that seems unlikely. no bigs. – 09:35 AM GMT
@DanEngler I have dead people in my contacts that died before the web was invented. I think. May have to doublecheck. Did within last 5 yrs. – 09:39 AM GMT
tiny cat just snuggled her head against my chest, tucked her forearms over one of mine, closed her eyes, and fell asleep, purring loudly. – 09:58 AM GMT
@sugarfreak @kevinmhoffman on the other hand it neatly provides a cause of death – 05:18 PM GMT
@praguepainter you should do ascii-art imaging of these to bring it full circle – 05:22 PM GMT
@praguepainter ah, yeah! petscii fits the video thing. the greys reminded me of printed ascii on old newsprint greenstripe printer paper. – 06:18 PM GMT
@praguepainter here’s the quick and dirty: picascii.com – 06:19 PM GMT
@praguepainter sweet! – 07:21 PM GMT