RT: @LeavittAlone: Chef friend watching Mad Men ” is it any wonder US cooking improved when people stopped smoking a pack a day and downing ten cocktails” – 12:38 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone wider than a mile – 04:34 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt on the other hand this means i won’t have to crack my buys to get them on my ipad – 08:26 PM GMT
@johnmoe there’s an abandoned mall in hawthorne, near redondo beach. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawthorne… – 08:44 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt side note: Comixology maintains two separate sales streams, desktop purchases do not always migrate to iDevice – 08:47 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt also, Amazon in-browser purchase process on iPad is superior to Comixology in-app or in-browser, I nearly always abandon cart – 08:49 PM GMT
@ZombieJohnsus @arthurwyatt recent sale was not available in-app, only avail in-browser. result: i have not read what I bought. – 08:50 PM GMT
@jay_beans @arthurwyatt doesn’t Kindle already support .cbr? i haven’t ever tried it, sees like i saw that in examining import options – 08:53 PM GMT
@ZombieJohnsus @arthurwyatt recent indie bundle thing – 08:53 PM GMT
@ZombieJohnsus @arthurwyatt the sale was not enabled in Apple-managed DRM chain, to skip Apple tax. – 08:54 PM GMT
@ZombieJohnsus @arthurwyatt hm, support request called for here then. – 08:58 PM GMT