@LeavittAlone oiliens (cf. x-files) – 12:59 AM GMT
@mubay on reflection, I decided waiting for the roomba scythed hoverbot was a bad move and just did it myself this day – 08:05 AM GMT
jets overhead at two am. odd. – 09:09 AM GMT
@JoeTheDough shaved goats innit – 09:40 AM GMT
@deathmtn canonically, paper prototypes and blind user testing. paper part seems to get skipped a lot. User tests shd be A/B. – 04:49 PM GMT
@deathmtn supposedly A/B stuff should involve large enough samples to be statistically significant. afaik that really can only happen … – 04:50 PM GMT
@deathmtn … in deployment, so ads are the place that gets most used, since UX A/B deployment increases dev labor load. – 04:51 PM GMT
@deathmtn in a way, your process description is like user testing sans users. so add a user testing loop and see how that goes. – 04:52 PM GMT
@marikamalaea oh man, Human Barbie. you have NO IDEA. – 04:53 PM GMT
@marikamalaea gq.com/women/photos/2… – 04:55 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn i hear tell in the olden days iterative stuff on the mac side was sometimes done in hypercard – 04:58 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn toward the paperless office! – 05:00 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn i have actually done that with scrrenies, imagemaps, and cold HTML – 05:00 PM GMT
@deathmtn start with the cats. – 05:02 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn yes. never show the client a near final illo comp, a scene with placeholder scoring, or UX graphics that might change – 05:03 PM GMT
@deathmtn @arthurwyatt hm, not sure i follow. trad issue is de-escalating fancy bullshit and encouraging nav persistence and order – 05:05 PM GMT
@deathmtn @arthurwyatt but in my experience much of that stemmed from designers not being computery. seems like that may no longer apply. – 05:06 PM GMT
@deathmtn @arthurwyatt flip side of that is as UX was always excluded from scope in engineering process, dev design choices were often bad. – 05:08 PM GMT
@deathmtn @arthurwyatt classic example is feature dumping where overwhelming choices for user input appear on screen at once – 05:10 PM GMT
@deathmtn @arthurwyatt or non-intuitive setting-option navigation where user must leave primary context to control output (Win, iOS, XBMC) – 05:11 PM GMT
@deathmtn @arthurwyatt that’s a standard workflow, I’d say. if it looks like the PSDs are bad UX, ask upstream if it’s being tested – 05:13 PM GMT
@deathmtn @arthurwyatt but I’d also shrug and build it. If they want to pay you to do twice as much work as might be needed, cool. – 05:14 PM GMT
this is sort of exciting. i’m going to a baseball game today and it’s the anniversary of Hank Aaron’s record. – 05:15 PM GMT
the stadium I am going to has one of the largest video screens in the world. – 05:16 PM GMT
one of my earliest baseball memories, vague and eroded in time, is watching Hank make his hit on a 12″ black and white TV. – 05:16 PM GMT
there is a non-trivial chance I will see that hit tonight in a packed stadium on a video screen larger than my childhood home. – 05:17 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn “pixel perfect,” you rockstar ninjas – 05:18 PM GMT
RT: @mubay: The more scientific reasoning skills you have, the more your ideological beliefs interfere with critical thinking. pocket.co/s5VNU – 05:25 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn last RT has content applicable to A/B testing and analysis, obliquely – 05:27 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt next level x-files shizz – 05:28 PM GMT
@phirephoenix yikes! to the apple store wi’ ye! ask for a new one even if out of warranty! – 05:30 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn i thought you had a stable gig these days. are you on temp contract now? – 05:40 PM GMT
@manwhoyells excellent career choice – 05:41 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn Disney, woah. I heard there was some blood a ways back. And carefully review your noncompete / scope stuff! – 05:43 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn I remember Starwave! Early handhelds, Paul Allen, iirc. Some of the CD-ROM designers ended up there for 20 seconds. – 07:01 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @deathmtn can’t lay cursor to link on device, but early tech core leaders were fresh from creating Java at Sun. possible vector – 07:06 PM GMT
RT: @DaveSFoley: This Friday on #SpunOut #I’m haunted by my past. pic.twitter.com/kOSuETWjsT – 07:08 PM GMT