@DanEngler augh – 01:03 AM GMT
attn @gjcharlet nytimes.com/2014/03/23/fas… – 09:39 AM GMT
online death rituals: the new monocle – 09:40 AM GMT
iOS7 is shit. Safari hides full URL when browsing, making it impossible to glean additional nav info by glancing. please make a note of it. – 05:23 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt yeah, hadda look that one up too. @DanEngler *likes* it. I think the use case is the screen thumb when switching. – 06:00 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt the Safari changes are freaking *criminal*. Have you tried to do a page search? If not, please take a crack at it. I’ll wait. – 06:01 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt don’t look it up first! – 06:01 PM GMT
@DanEngler shake = undo, except when it doesn’t – 06:22 PM GMT
RT: @hell0jed: Fuck. I had to buy this. pic.twitter.com/2ULWZMRqSF – 09:17 PM GMT
@hell0jed Foss is on twitter, btw. Think the acct is administered by his daughter, not sure why I think that. – 09:18 PM GMT
RT: @jackwilliambell: Pic by @beyond90seconds of Oso landslide scene. pic.twitter.com/cZa52jCp6C – 09:20 PM GMT
Prior RT is a shot of an enormous, multiple fatality landslide in NW WA. Slide hit this AM at about 10:20. Reports of 15 homes hit. – 09:22 PM GMT