@LeavittAlone i approve of you hanging out in places that leave posters for last year’s Stomp on display – 02:46 AM GMT
@_py non-HDMI SVGA or equivalent inbound port. HDMI has inbuilt DRM that is sketchy and a giant pain. It’s fine, but have a route around. – 03:09 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @LeavittAlone i was wondering about this. didn’t the series run just after that film was made? no shade intended. – 07:26 AM GMT
RT: @9Joe9: @W7VOA No, this one is better pic.twitter.com/AtY0IAiInu – 07:52 AM GMT
Web (M5) you will find my last prior retweet useful in the morning. – 07:53 AM GMT
RT: @sunshinesulin: Last known possible position #MH370 from border of Kazakhstan/Turkmenistan to Thailand OR Indonesia to Indian Ocean pic.twitter.com/967aQaBCVZ – 04:07 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone WWII museum? my buddy manuel sez do the sub sim. – 07:18 PM GMT
@christy_ms of course not, but David’s job is specifically predicated on being unfair and hyperbolic. So no harm no foul. – 07:21 PM GMT
@LeavittAlone immersive! rimshot – 08:27 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt Sternbach, TNG production designer, designed the OG Cosmos ship of the imaginarium and more for the show. – 10:46 PM GMT
@mathowie fwiw, Prime is my *only* paid streamer. OTOH, Marco’s right about the shipping restrictions, especially Add On Items. – 11:17 PM GMT