@arthurwyatt @phirephoenix I will happily build a non-Occam-compliant argument that Apple turning to shit is the result of NSA meddling. – 01:30 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @phirephoenix WHO KILLED STEVE? – 01:30 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @phirephoenix well, enough to provoke uncertainty and fear, as befits MY LORD ARIOCH – 01:33 AM GMT
TODAY is yet again MEAT PIE DAY pic.twitter.com/RqmWehG4vW – 01:36 AM GMT
@hell0jed digital currency investment sim, you have to pay $2.99 per powerup to keep from losing everything – 01:48 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed FLAPPYCOIN – 01:50 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed (candy crunchtime) – 01:51 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed i resign, art’s comedy powers have kilt me – 01:52 AM GMT
@hell0jed @arthurwyatt but that’s a recut of the indie office game! make it about the commute. or finding a roommate. say now. – 01:53 AM GMT
@gjcharlet woah – 01:54 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed you are candy crushing me sir – 01:55 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed $2.99 powerup = 15.49 hrs gameplay. – 01:56 AM GMT
PIE TIME pic.twitter.com/yO18vemRSs – 02:34 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt surely they know if they drop it the being inside will be unleashed – 02:41 AM GMT
TNG s7 e03 “Interface.” What a beautifully written and acted episode. Every word carries freight; so great. cc @levarburton – 03:56 AM GMT
RT (M-OS) @theseantcollins #TrueDetectiveSeason2 pic.twitter.com/jFac5fJmnx // cc @fantagraphics @xaimeh /// can we get a witness? – 04:03 AM GMT
viv has decided we are watching idol help what happening hlep – 04:14 AM GMT
PIE DAY RULES except for the crust manufactory and the cleanup – 04:30 AM GMT
TV ads are very weird – 04:32 AM GMT
I think the last time I watched commercial TV that had commercials it was the Superbowl. About what, a month? – 04:39 AM GMT
@paulconstant pic or – 04:44 AM GMT
@paulconstant awww. that’s not the quality of tweeting i would expect from the LRB. 😉 – 04:53 AM GMT
RT: @CarrotTopRecord: They’ve done it! #1 in Barbados!The Handsome Family Worldwide iTunes Performance 2014-02-26 “Far From Any Road”kworb.net/itunes/artist/… – 05:24 AM GMT
@dduane Asterix! – 05:35 AM GMT
@zipties @mason_bryant @sben most confusticating! fitbit implemented bad wireless sync drivers, damaging your mac mobo. but not. – 05:56 AM GMT
@zipties @mason_bryant @sben anyway: glad your axe works now. – 05:57 AM GMT
RT: @matthetube: If Kurt Cobain is an argument ~against~ taking drugs, isn’t Ted Nugent an argument FOR taking drugs? – 07:15 AM GMT
With regard to twitter.com/mwhybark/statu… and twitter.com/mwhybark/statu… – 07:46 AM GMT
Note tray “Books and …” in screenie #1, shown in full on screenie #2, “Books and Mags”. This has been a reminder to you that iOS7 is shit. – 07:52 AM GMT
@mubay cf twitter.com/mwhybark/statu… – 03:28 PM GMT
TAL / bostonmag collab on that dude the FBI shot after the Marathon bombings: bostonmagazine.com/news/article/2… – 03:36 PM GMT
OC crew culture at WDL. Great piece at OC Weekly. ocweekly.com/2014-02-27/new… – 09:21 PM GMT
Do not miss the slideshow of their colors. Fantastic. ocweekly.com/slideshow/disn… – 09:22 PM GMT
@poupou yum – 09:43 PM GMT
@poupou then you get his job? is it like a klingon ship? – 10:13 PM GMT
@poupou @manwhoyells FHC sez Cinerama tix good for entry prior to use as well, so we could start in Everett at 1 and then head down for 3:45 – 10:14 PM GMT
@surlygourmand kingabon! – 11:22 PM GMT