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@arthurwyatt (they let us skip carousel out here) – 01:20 AM GMT
RT: @mubay: . @manwhoyells @schmangee One does not simply walk into the suburbs. – 01:52 AM GMT
@DanEngler you are learning the spells – 01:56 AM GMT
RT: @andy_hurst: ME: If Seattle gets an @NHL team, what should they be named?@HeyMikeGuay: The Seattle Freeze! – 03:00 AM GMT
RT: @anildash: Corporate welfare $ paid to Boeing would fund over 75% of the entire Temporary Assistance for Needy Families budget: america.aljazeera.com/opinions/2014/… – 03:02 AM GMT
aw man, i stashed this Bitter American like nine months ago and it is NOT shelf stable. Dammit. – 03:07 AM GMT
@elfrankenstino what happened when the rabbi, the songwriter, and the buddhist walked into a bar? ouchlellujah! – 03:10 AM GMT
@jkonrath that would be SO GREAT – 03:10 AM GMT
@DanEngler didn’t peg you as a Damien Hirst fan – 03:13 AM GMT
@mubay naaaaw – 03:13 AM GMT
RT: @cortesi: So practice matches theory – I have fully transparent interception of all the things. And still no patch for OSX. – 03:31 AM GMT
@ardaniel facepalm – 03:31 AM GMT
@DanEngler whereas a piggy – 04:48 AM GMT
@hell0jed i find never sleeping, never eating deals with that – 04:50 AM GMT
@manwhoyells HA! no that was a diversion, there’s another in the beer fridge. – 04:52 AM GMT
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@surlygourmand we can only surmise – 05:22 AM GMT
What all did Sulu get up to with the Excelsior, anyway? I would like to know. (@GeorgeTakei any info?) – 05:50 AM GMT
old pal in NYC tonight, me not. missing that thing where to an extent everyone is performing for everyone around them at all times. – 05:56 AM GMT
This fusion thing in the 3/3 NYer is great. newyorker.com/reporting/2014… – 07:34 AM GMT
“… no one I could find to ask where he was. I heard my footsteps echo down the long, sunlit corridors as I looked for him.” – 07:40 AM GMT
@tracicle indeed! they did! – 07:40 AM GMT
“design and the manufacture … have been split apart in ways that are politically expedient but are at odds with engineering prudence.” – 07:49 AM GMT
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