@mcgee_gorgo @arthurwyatt (of course he is) – 03:03 AM GMT
@hell0jed yeah, move! – 03:04 AM GMT
RT: @SarahThyre: Dr. Peter Venkman, Gimli, & David @ Krewe of Chewbacchus instagram.com/p/kvN6bPPgSg/ – 03:06 AM GMT
@gjcharlet oh man, you’re makin my heart hurt. Pendletons reunion at Saturn Bar upcoming, can’t make it. 🙁 but, you know, keep it up. – 03:08 AM GMT
RT: @DaveSFoley: Can’t believe they’ve made an action movie about the Noah fable. What’s next? “Russell Crowe Is Paul Bunyan. One Man,One Ox, One Destiny.” – 03:14 AM GMT
i suppose that’s one way to force an upgrade. fuck you, Apple. – 03:22 AM GMT
“Admiral – I am receiving whalesong.” – 04:22 AM GMT
RT: @PicPedant: “Himalayas from space! Frozen Venice! Eclipse from orbit! Tornado and rainbow!” the robots blare at you, owners laughing atop piles of cash. – 04:55 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo well, i sure do. – 06:05 AM GMT
RT: @mathowie: In Orange County homosexuality occurs up to 2ft above the ground, so guys lift their trucks to avoid those feelings. pic.twitter.com/3RXtuEDBdV – 06:06 AM GMT
@madamjujujive woah, so great – 06:09 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo plus indie to the max and on and on. the appeal to me, middle aged white guy who hates Eminem, is obvious – 06:11 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo there is the Gladwell unpleasantness of course – 06:11 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo it is the finest song written on the topic of sake to date – 06:12 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo I mean they had their release party live on reddit. They are our actual people. – 06:13 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo younare havin a runb of tybos, i dig it – 06:13 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo soooo regretting not getting the photo-op with @wanz at Safeco last year – 06:15 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo but let me be clear: I LOVE that record, bought it, and have played it a great deal over the past 18 months. – 06:17 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo Gladwell unpleasantness excepted. – 06:17 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo legit basis for haterade, i get it. My take is they had no idea it would be that big, as with everything else – 06:18 AM GMT
RT: @arthurwyatt: @mwhybark @mcgee_gorgo Heather has to drive around the Dicks shoot to pick India up from something. – 06:19 AM GMT
er, fumblethumb RT there. Art’s awesome though, so, uh, find a tweet I meant to RT! Enjoy! – 06:20 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt with dubai in between and also beyond all at once – 06:26 AM GMT
@mubay wait i thot that was slated for memorial day – 06:12 PM GMT
.@zipties present since 6.0 – daringfireball.net/2014/02/apple_… – 09:20 PM GMT
@mubay oh! Fun! – 09:20 PM GMT
@manwhoyells @mubay for some reason i thought they were ww2 howitzers. Man, I bet DOT dudes fight for that gig. – 09:21 PM GMT
@zipties lol – 09:22 PM GMT
@manwhoyells @mubay I was close! Korean War recoilless rifles. snovalleystar.com/2011/03/30/sta… – 09:23 PM GMT