@hell0jed if memory serves, yes: hamrick.com – 05:34 AM GMT
@hell0jed durn! well, best of luck. – 05:41 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm to the best of my knowledge, not a put-on. – 05:56 AM GMT
Took an old pal to the EMP/SF blob today, best thing on show new to me was a version – MM’s copy – of this: raven-armoury.co.uk/stormbringer.h… – 06:02 AM GMT
There was also this kooky proximity-trigger device, like halfway between a theremin and a foley, in the Sound Lab. I fully rocked it out. – 06:05 AM GMT
@hell0jed hm, that blows – 06:06 AM GMT
@hell0jed simple! – 06:42 AM GMT
RT: @jwz: Crystal Head Vodka Forensic Facial Reconstruction. jwz.org/b/yhzz – 02:29 PM GMT
i made you something. have fun with it. pic.twitter.com/aw8Yc8gJBl – 09:55 PM GMT
@gjcharlet have you dug Black Books? do so. – 10:09 PM GMT