@LeavittAlone well, that was the war, right – 03:55 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone did they bump you the bills? I THOUGHT NOT – 03:55 AM GMT
right, so you all know Star Trek Continues episode 2 is out, of course. youtube.com/watch?v=4mOpmI… – 05:02 AM GMT
I made Viv watch it, and she is *highly enthusiastic* about it. She is generally put off by TOS fanfilm, but not here. YMMV. – 05:04 AM GMT
I have complex reactions to it, but generally quite positive. Of the high-budget fan recasts, this is clearly the most accomplished episode. – 05:05 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone Leavitt! Nothing but field rations for a month, do I make myself clear? Now, hand over that chocolate. – 05:08 AM GMT
@ezrakilty McKay did vaudeville with Gertie, presenting the film on stage as her trainer in tux and tails. youtube.com/watch?v=UY40DH… – 05:13 AM GMT
@ezrakilty He argued that his animated stuff was the actual specific invention of animation, which is debatable, but was taken as fact. – 05:16 AM GMT
@ezrakilty I have the ’87 ed of this bio, it’s quite amazing. amazon.com/Winsor-McCay-H… – 05:18 AM GMT
@manwhoyells the acting is mostly good, the story is OK, seriously, it’s like 85%. I can’t believe the number of sets they have. – 05:32 AM GMT
@manwhoyells they are paying attention to some real inside baseball stuff, like focus pulls, music cues, and lighting. – 05:33 AM GMT
@manwhoyells some nits, mind. Opening title credit uses inch marks not quotes. Female duty uni tailoring slightly off. Occasional pacing. – 05:35 AM GMT
@manwhoyells A bit of dialog here and there. Slightly cluttered plot. just need one layer of pre-production critique and they’ve got it. – 05:37 AM GMT
BTW pizza 2.0? AWESOME. – 06:18 AM GMT
@ezrakilty I’ve been after Spence to do a Winsor McKay act at the Grand Illusion in tails and shit for years. He has all the films, on film. – 06:19 AM GMT
RT: @llaurappark: full panic page – feb 7 flic.kr/p/jY8xV2 – 06:35 AM GMT
@PicPedant the crazy part is that since he’s using your tweets he’s attributing! for some values of attribution. This is FASCINATING. – 02:18 PM GMT
@anticdent him be lorax – 02:26 PM GMT
@anticdent the other factor i did not note is that there’s evidence here that Army Corps of Engineers flood-control projects on … – 02:36 PM GMT
@anticdent … the Mississippi actually make flooding *worse*, by increasing volume and speed of water in containment failure events. – 02:37 PM GMT
@anticdent y’all should bag up that h20 and ship it off to Californee – 02:38 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough also: Joe, meet Chris, fellow countryman and tappity tappy thinky bloke @anticdent Chris, meet Joe, epic beardyman – 02:42 PM GMT
@poupou inorite – 02:48 PM GMT
@poupou also i noticed last night on ios the chromecast streamer widget in the yt app exists concurrent with and in a dilff loc than airplay – 02:49 PM GMT
@poupou so i experienced user disorientation, repeatedly opening the airplay menu and wondering why u no chromecast why – 02:51 PM GMT
Seattle independent historian and good guy Paul Dorpat hospitalized: pauldorpat.com/2014/02/11/fal… – 09:16 PM GMT
@poupou /shakes fist at UX derpers – 09:16 PM GMT
@poupou hey for future reference are you working onsite or home these days? I was headed north from way south at lunch and wondered, hm… – 09:17 PM GMT
@poupou oops, DM me that info, maybe not appropriate for open tweet – 09:18 PM GMT
@lorenacupcake love that. First Germs EP was 45, did not know it for a week. Still sounded great! – 09:20 PM GMT
@lorenacupcake nice! Darby sez we can be his valentine. At least I think that’s what he sez. – 10:14 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough dude, vistas await you: handsomefamily.com (seriously, they are TRULY GREAT) – 11:31 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough right there with you. astronauts of the inner ear. – 11:36 PM GMT
RT: @mathowie: It took over a decade, but we finally completed a recreation of tables-for-layout in CSS: adamkaplan.me/grid/ pic.twitter.com/q0GflaSxW7 – 11:40 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough Right on, I have seen them here twice. They had some mild Chicago social overlap with my crew back in the day. – 11:44 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mathowie that’s no secret! – 11:45 PM GMT
@mathowie @arthurwyatt i found comfort and amusement in reading the bullshit reasons that this was a Good Thing. – 11:46 PM GMT