@arthurwyatt seems like it was that way when I was last there, with riots! oh how sweetly cinematic it all was – 02:40 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt plus, you know, London Zero – Gee Football. – 02:41 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt London JETS I mean London JETS. shirtoid.com/25231/london-j… – 02:42 AM GMT
My host is yawning, falling asleep. Look for large scale nap riots here in Seattle. – 02:44 AM GMT
RT: @johnmoe: I had a talk with my kids before the game about how to handle disappointment. Because I’m a Seahawks fan since season 1. – 02:45 AM GMT
RT: @johnpstrohm: OG style instagram.com/p/j8BJBloFkZ/ – 02:50 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm ha ha ha – 02:53 AM GMT
3/6 for Clydesdale Puppy ad, 2/6 for Beasts of the Ghibli Maserati. – 03:20 AM GMT
Channel 7 has live Capitol Hill insanity – 03:20 AM GMT
tens of people in the street – 03:25 AM GMT
mobs with lightsabers – 03:29 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt in blue / lime green – 04:08 AM GMT
@zipties we looked it up, and he named the studio after an Italian fighter-bomber (!) – 05:12 AM GMT
@Johnny_Dale the puppy and the clydesdale are FRIENDS – 11:44 AM GMT
@ftrain crazy, I was just musing about this last night. doing genealogical research. Google books great for prior cites, references. – 06:31 PM GMT
@ftrain … and ancestry exposes thousands of scanned primary source docs, back to at least 1400s. The past is in my iPad. – 06:32 PM GMT
@zipties bullshit! total! – 07:14 PM GMT
@zipties pffff. – 07:15 PM GMT
“I wanted to preserve the integrity of bespoke spam.” – 08:13 PM GMT
@zipties let alone mechoidal, mechoids, and mechoiding. – 08:13 PM GMT
“where an oiled bronze drawer pull siphoned out vitality … perhaps, from the universe itself.” theatlantic.com/technology/arc… – 10:06 PM GMT
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