Obviously. pic.twitter.com/J7cU8DSt1l – 01:50 AM GMT
RIP Judge W. pic.twitter.com/bYcR1BK9wE – 01:59 AM GMT
@manwhoyells prec-ICE-ly – 02:24 AM GMT
Tomorrow I get to be cancer cabbie to drive my elderly and beloved neighbor to the cancer shop, where he will shop for cancer for six weeks – 02:25 AM GMT
I guess at the end of the shopping process they tell him if he picked the good cancer or not. – 02:26 AM GMT
I don’t know if his family is going to talk to him about pot. I’m not sure if I have a moral obligation to or not. If they don’t, do I? – 02:27 AM GMT
He’s always been adventurous and full of mischief but integrated his generation’s attitudes to the stuff. That, I think, might make fam mum. – 02:29 AM GMT
@pedantrix well, and pointing out it’s legal here now – 02:31 AM GMT
The other thing I’m wondering about is just asking his kids if they will/won’t/might/don’t know. I have relationships with some of them too. – 02:33 AM GMT
It’s kinda like, if they are worried about screwing things up near the end, I could be the throwaway account. – 02:34 AM GMT
@deathmtn “this person is the platonic concept of an illegible” – 02:37 AM GMT
RT: @jessamyn: Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity Approved by ALA Council. So great. j.mp/1eyaZES – 02:40 AM GMT
@jkonrath 1000 words – 03:56 AM GMT
@Triphibian @deathmtn awwww yissss – 03:59 AM GMT
@mubay can we make a group list? – 04:01 AM GMT
OMG Data’s paintings – 04:06 AM GMT
OMG LOL they are fantastic and terrible all at once – 04:06 AM GMT
o hell yes google.com/search?q=data’… – 04:07 AM GMT
@hell0jed @BitterOldPunk there is no cabal – 04:09 AM GMT
wait, Dr Soong is Carl Sagan? what? – 04:10 AM GMT
beautiful and terrible, just as stated. – 04:14 AM GMT
RT: @seattletimes: About 11 percent of the Highway 99 tunnel has been drilled, but about half its budget has been spent: seati.ms/1n8M6Hk – 04:15 AM GMT
9p on KCTS 9 in Seattle: NOVA, “Ghosts of Murdered Kings” : celtic bog mummies. HELL YES – 04:36 AM GMT
RT: @dduane: WHOOPS. 🙂 RT @Kevin_Church: Also, discovered this while Googling that picture. pic.twitter.com/ilPrm48yLU – 08:57 PM GMT
RT: @jonostrower: Boeing set to put its skywriting chops to the test again with its Seahawks 747-8F flying over E. Washington. #12thman pic.twitter.com/jLAJe2J8Vs – 09:02 PM GMT
flightaware.com/live/flight/BO… – 10:37 PM GMT
attn @whybark pic.twitter.com/EnbDonKv05 – 11:02 PM GMT