@lorenacupcake after thirty years, I’ve found that’s pretty much the best there is – 12:24 AM GMT
@clarissawam there’s no “I” in translating. There’s your problem right there. Well, there’s one “i”. You need to try trainslating, see. – 12:26 AM GMT
as a test, I did this (1/3). Step one. His name is Biscuit. pic.twitter.com/9O1K01zthf – 12:43 AM GMT
Step two. pic.twitter.com/bMhluxWSZM – 12:43 AM GMT
Step three. pic.twitter.com/V9gPvWr3n8 – 12:43 AM GMT
So as is, with the traced pencils layer-effected onto the “paint”, s’alright. His fur is challenging. Imma take a week and come back. – 12:45 AM GMT
(He is missing fur in a patch on his muzzle because he was abused as a pup, kept muzzled by some surgical tubing tied around his schnozz) – 12:46 AM GMT
He’s a sweetie pie these days, a real wiggler even in his dignified maturity. – 12:46 AM GMT
@clarissawam see, you could have a partnership with the Brighton station, innit? TRAINSLATING, mark my werden – 01:20 AM GMT
.@esinclai he lives with Ken and Mary. He was abandoned on their porch with a knock and a child’s scampering. surgical tubing included. – 01:24 AM GMT
@esinclai the answer, as you already know, is poverty. – 01:25 AM GMT
RT: @mubay: Advantage of electronic articles over magazines: no stinky perfume inserts. – 01:25 AM GMT
@esinclai it’s quite the saga. ken called me asking what to do, i said VET ok yo, the vet decided to keep him. Which was unexpected. – 01:27 AM GMT
@esinclai Then a couple months later, as Ken was feeling FULL ON guilt (you I think will take my meaning), he had started looking … – 01:28 AM GMT
@esinclai … for another pooch, and HEY, there was a spaniel-looking pup with a bald patch. They called the doc up and were all HEY!! voila! – 01:29 AM GMT
@esinclai I think the vet-napping was because they weren’t able to verify that K&M weren’t the abusers, but later when the pup was better … – 01:30 AM GMT
@esinclai K&M were better prepared to show evidence of non-sociopathy. He is the sweetest pup. – 01:31 AM GMT
@deathmtn such draw! – 01:32 AM GMT
@sculpin pic or &c &c – 02:47 AM GMT
@sculpin size matters, as it were – 03:05 AM GMT
RT: @alantutorial: My own hand tutorial: youtu.be/YG4EyttfZBc?a via @YouTube – 05:02 AM GMT
.@whybark some crucial drawing tips, self portrait info there – 05:03 AM GMT
I can’t think of any reason offhand why I would ever go to iOS7. I believe it may be time to jailbreak my handhelds. – 06:25 AM GMT
RT: @JMStimNYC: @NeinQuarterly pic.twitter.com/QALZM02Ns1 – 06:26 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt shudder. at xmas my dad told us in detail about cleaning out the cistern on his childhood fruit ranch. dead rats flavor water. – 06:28 AM GMT
@manwhoyells how do you fit him in there? – 06:29 AM GMT
Hudson Valley regional paper reports Pete Seeger has passed away, is getting traffic hammered. hudsonvalleyreporter.com/dutchess/2014/… – 06:34 AM GMT
no conf, not legit? Edit war ongoing on wikipedia. Curiously, an article by “Jessica Simpson” on “en.mediamass.net” sez “hoax.” hmm. – 06:43 AM GMT
Originating reporter’s tweet: mobile.twitter.com/sueguzman/stat… – 06:53 AM GMT
NYT says yep, he’s dead. Now if I could only find a reliable, trustworthy source. nytimes.com/2014/01/29/art… – 06:58 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt fancy a cuppa rodentea? – 07:06 AM GMT
@zipties i got a look at it on mom’s ipad. the thin font stuff? bad for old eyes. like, rilly bad. – 10:20 AM GMT
@zipties it’s not the size, it’s the thinness. the use of two-pixel wide lines for ui widgets is not addressable. – 06:13 PM GMT