@DanEngler oh yeah, I use all that alla time. Logmein was great because it solved DHCP access, which the in-OS tools generally are weak on. – 12:51 AM GMT
@DanEngler Apple’s implementation might have that resolved, given the rollout of iCloud. – 12:52 AM GMT
RT: @mwhybark2: .@Mariners any chance of a big-screen Superbowl? Come on, I know you know who to call! – 12:52 AM GMT
I am going to have actual dreams about watching the Superbowl on the big screen at Safeco. OMG. That would be the BEST THING. – 12:54 AM GMT
@paolobacigalupi cf en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotor_ship // GET TO IT DISRUPTOR DOUCHEBAGS – 01:00 AM GMT
RT: @refocusedmedia: The crew prepares to shoot the final sequence of Ridley Scott’s ALIEN on the set in 1978 pic.twitter.com/RWR1YqnpvV – 01:04 AM GMT
RT: @MittRomney: .@zachbraff may the odds be ever in your favor. pic.twitter.com/7YzQwIeHaA – 01:06 AM GMT
@StyleGF no, i just throw on my thirty year old Misfits tee and I’m good to go, get married, meet the President, job interview: no problem! – 01:08 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @DanEngler naw, Logmein uses a “phone home” PTP protocol. client-to-client cnx routes through remote. iCloud, Dropbox do too. – 01:26 AM GMT
@mubay niihau, ye great gallowglass – 03:25 AM GMT
jove via iphone pic.twitter.com/EGjJNCfJqk – 03:25 AM GMT
@mubay moar scotch – 03:34 AM GMT
@zipties I thought you got the process server to whack ‘em with the walking papers – 03:36 AM GMT
@manwhoyells ha ha ha, i have been chastising myself for not chasing it dowen – 03:59 AM GMT
@mubay as it was intended ye should! for years i think it was, you know, the last drink, which, well, if ya squint – 06:14 AM GMT
“The word óglach comes from Old Irish oac (meaning “youth”) and Old Irish lóeg (meaning “calf” but later becoming a word for a hero).” – 06:19 AM GMT
well whaddya know, an article on the etymology of a word i knew the etymology of provides a possible etymology for a certain webcomic. – 06:20 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell we have more dewy mist (and fireplace smoke) tonight. packed it up. – 06:24 AM GMT
@zipties … I still don’t understand. Wait, you might not have seen that yet. – 04:39 PM GMT
@zipties but I thought you quit. – 04:39 PM GMT
@sumit rare clear winter night. I have a circa 1988 10” Meade, took a shot at the m82 supernova. nope. 🙁 mist, woodsmoke, city light. – 04:42 PM GMT
@sumit it’s super hard to line up the phone with the eyepiece, and sort of stupid to even try. therefore fun! – 04:43 PM GMT
Woke up realizing why cannibal rat ghost ship to beach on britain is such a mindworm. – 04:59 PM GMT
I has happened before! – 04:59 PM GMT
170 years ago, a ghost ship docked in liverpool (or someplace) it’s only cargo a horde of plague-infested cannibal rats. AND A COFFIN. – 05:05 PM GMT
The ship, not called the Lyubov Orlova, had been also been providing a cargo shipment for an Eastern European nobleman. – 05:06 PM GMT
His name? COUNT ORLOFF. The cargo? HIS COFFIN. The silent film Nosferatu, of course, tells his tale. – 05:07 PM GMT
Orlova, Orloff, ghost ship, the UK, cannibal rats, a vampire: we’ve all heard this before. And it’s a humdinger. – 05:08 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt correction appreciated! not sure the film explicitly says. Couldn’t find screenies of the rats swarming the coffin. 🙁 – 05:10 PM GMT
interesting, apparently the character name in the film is actually Orlok, although it is commonly recalled as Orloff. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Count_Orl… – 05:15 PM GMT
on another note, if you like the silent “Nosferatu” (who doesn’t?), Dreyer’s 1932 silent “Vampyr” is cut from the same cloth. Creepy! – 05:18 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt do they redub it Blackby? – 05:44 PM GMT
@zipties Dreyer’s the guy that did ‘Jeann d’Arc’ with Artuad. – 05:44 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm no Ke$ha? – 09:54 PM GMT