@marikamalaea wait, the super bowl is on April 20? – 04:05 AM GMT
RT: @MikeRylander: FACT: When we wrapped the Beats By Dre commercial, @RSherman_25 INDIVIDUALLY thanked & shook hands w/ EVERYONE on set. Extras. PA’s. Etc. – 04:05 AM GMT
@mubay sorry, forgot to text – 04:06 AM GMT
ha ha just expressed amusement at my sportball subcategory baseball twitter timeline due to football and you nerds are even worse! Go Hawks! – 04:14 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk ha ha! Watts was my next door band neighbor ca. 1997-2001. Stellar dude. – 04:20 AM GMT
RT: @Buried_In_Books: @paolobacigalupi tenure seems about the only reason to teach. Their compensation would have to go way up without it. – 04:21 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk oh yes indeed. they were super nice dudes (Maktub) but he was clearly a genius as well even then. – 04:26 AM GMT
@bradleystein no idea why this reminded me, but Behrens posted this to FB last day or two. 1978. pic.twitter.com/i35ayeUrbN – 06:23 AM GMT
@edinblack the statement you quote is simply a lie, as I am sure you must know. ironic intent? lost, I think. 140 characters can do that. – 06:27 AM GMT
Br. @DanEngler reminds me that Mr Watts has some in-common qualities with @macklemore via Mr Watts’ “Fuck Shit Stack” youtube.com/watch?v=0bLFO4… – 06:37 AM GMT
@edinblack i saw it was from a partisan source in the story, which i read. no bigs. – 07:33 AM GMT
youtube.com/watch?v=nDqaTX… – 10:04 PM GMT
youtube.com/watch?v=2IzR_C… – 10:05 PM GMT
babymetal.jp – 10:06 PM GMT
blabbermouth.net/news/babymetal… – 10:07 PM GMT