@matthewbaldwin Mike Matsunami, Broadway Vision Clinic, Capitol Hill. Up the bend from Six Arms. Need more info? DM. – 12:27 AM GMT
@matthewbaldwin broadwayvisionclinic.com/ourpractice.ht…, yelp.com/biz/broadway-v… – 12:29 AM GMT
what if he wasn’t a real professor – 02:43 AM GMT
also, viv points out, perhaps abe vigoda’s continued vigor is no accident – 02:44 AM GMT
let’s see now, this snot/cough thing has been with me since… LAST YEAR – 02:47 AM GMT
@esinclai no, everyone knows an owl aint bin no school – 02:48 AM GMT
@deathmtn 10,000 hours, man – 02:49 AM GMT
@deathmtn ha ha I thought you were goofing on my 10k hours quote. No doc yet, likely uncalled for. Only a day with maybe a touch of fever. – 04:27 AM GMT
@deathmtn but hooboy, ready to kick it – 04:27 AM GMT
@poupou snort – 04:32 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo you could make a wizard hat top, you know, like, make it convertible – 04:33 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo alright, but it loses impact in the phrase “I put on my robe and cowboy hat” – 04:43 AM GMT
@timutslerrr @mcgee_gorgo mondo70.blogspot.com/2009/03/book-i… – 06:08 AM GMT
epic dream. arrived somewhere barefoot, lost luggage. took endless, war damaged series of escalators to some sort of hotel-opera complex. – 01:48 PM GMT
stopped off at cafe (“CAFÉ L’OPÉRA”) just off escalators before checking in. Dress code. I was wearing shorts and a dirty, damaged shirt. – 01:51 PM GMT
Since we were literally in a theater, we were sent to costumes. They set us up with nineteeth-century formal garb. We went back to the cafe. – 01:52 PM GMT
The cafe was old-fashioned, high ceilings, 1920s brown wood paneling, brass and glass fixtures, cafe chairs, pastry carts. Line out door. – 01:54 PM GMT
Somehow we got seated, with strangers. Everyone was excited, twittering, selfies, leaning into the shots. Brunch food, daylight outside. – 01:55 PM GMT
Then the floor show started. Pandemonium, like the audience at Rocky Horror. But the show. Oh my god, brain. The show. – 01:56 PM GMT
“Cafe l’Opera is proud to present our *regular matinee* production of Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Musical, starring… JOAN CRAWFORD!!!” – 01:59 PM GMT
first of all, what – 02:00 PM GMT
second of all, how, what – oh, right, it’s a dream – 02:00 PM GMT
So the lights come up on a section of floor, no stage. ‘40s Joan is on the mic. No little black dress, man, but a huge glittering show gown. – 02:02 PM GMT
Tiara. She grips the mic, looks around at the room, slurs something to the audience, and cues the band. She’s as ripped as Courtney Love. – 02:03 PM GMT
Everything’s in black and white. As she goes to belt a line, she accidentally whacks her tiara with the mic and it falls off. – 02:05 PM GMT
She can’t hold the mic still in front if her mouth so her levels are out of control. Doesn’t matter. Crowd knows every word, roars along. – 02:06 PM GMT
People are throwing shit, rice, teacups, bits of cake. Like I said, like Rocky Horror. I think the stuff is cued to lyrics. – 02:06 PM GMT
Sadly, brain declined to extemporaneously provide the libretto for this operetta, so I can only assure you it was finely crafted louche wit. – 02:08 PM GMT
Then I woke up. Guess I never get to see our room. – 02:08 PM GMT
@manwhoyells dream on – 06:09 PM GMT
@manwhoyells not ours yelp.com/biz/dicks-hamb… – 10:18 PM GMT