RT: @mark_olson: So yeah, I am enjoying GIFs with my new GIF Maker thing I wrote, thanks.i.imgur.com/SSuYlb7.gifimgur.com/a/axewp – 02:27 AM GMT
aw yiss, “The Inner Light” – 04:24 AM GMT
Kataan, eh? Is the game a tribute beat? I think it must be. – 04:34 AM GMT
Patrick Stewart in old age drag intended to represent Picard +30 looks older by far than the actual Patrick Stewart +30 – 04:49 AM GMT
@middleclasstool ha ha – 06:44 AM GMT
RT: @rowhoop: Photos of conjoined whales are pretty mad ow.ly/sl1Ul – 02:50 PM GMT
the conjoined whales are like a thing from a medieval bestiary – 02:51 PM GMT
attn @praguepainter carrieschneider.net/work/dazzle.ht… – 08:37 PM GMT