@JoeTheDough don’t think we don’t see the white creepin up inter yer beard nar guvnor – 12:56 AM GMT
@JoeTheDough the workhouse? is that near the knocking shop? – 06:11 AM GMT
RT: @Laelaps: I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by social media, starving hysterical naked – 06:16 AM GMT
RT: @Alex_Zucker: “Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module,” exhibition based on Czech sci-fi film Ikarie XB-1 @NewMuseum bit.ly/1gwyyBB – 05:18 PM GMT
attn @brownpau @arthurwyatt @sumitsays twitter.com/Alex_Zucker/st… – 05:18 PM GMT
RT: @hell0jed: Clash of Clash, a free to play casual RTS with the popular 70’s punk band. – 05:30 PM GMT
@anticdent use screen sharing to login from other mac, get set up. dead/no screen only affects HW output. – 08:43 PM GMT
@anticdent well then yes this is possible but beyond my expertise. I run 3x headless machines via screenshare / GUI. ssh maybe default now? – 10:22 PM GMT