attn @agent_cooper… – 02:26 AM GMT
Doce uvas! Buena suerte a todos! – 05:43 AM GMT
in a nutcake: mixed – 06:26 AM GMT
dog: dead, the cancer. cat: run off. bidness: failed, Bezos. Neighbor: throat cancer, might die. Baseball: weak local team. – 06:28 AM GMT
Wife: new job, closer to home. Birth parent: one met, one to go. Baseball: NPB/MLB faves kick ass. – 06:30 AM GMT
@poupou yes! i think that is how it works out. we should do something, I owe you some drinks or whatnot. xxoo – 06:39 AM GMT
it’s so clear: we all must listen to Thrift Shop, My Oh My, and Same Love. This year was that year, amazingly. – 07:33 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt fifteen seconds – 07:58 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt tnen snenkonts – 08:00 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt (star explosion) – 08:00 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt MER CTHULU NU – 08:06 AM GMT
fuckity fuck fuck fuck… and scroll down to Auld Lang Syne to which i cannot apparently link directly fuckity fuck – 08:15 AM GMT
RT: @hell0jed: Omg whyyyyyyy – 03:08 PM GMT