music by artists I don’t recognize the name of or remember listening to, music by artists I love and study, music socially associated … – 01:00 AM GMT
… prior category. – 01:00 AM GMT
Then I tried to group by genre. That way, when I go look for an X CD, I’ll also find Rank and File and the Germs. – 01:01 AM GMT
I imagine there are about ten people in the world who would get it. – 01:02 AM GMT
@esinclai You are among the ten, yes. And I kept thinking of High Fidelity but this is an ANSWER ORG, meaning: there ain’t no system, FU OCD – 01:05 AM GMT
@esinclai ADD FTW – 01:05 AM GMT
@linguinidimare Humbly, I would assert I am personally one, and do retain interest in the tunes of my distant youth. – 01:06 AM GMT
@linguinidimare Minor Threat is canon, of course. Bad Religion depended on the disc iirc. Heard they just dropped a Christmas record! – 01:13 AM GMT
@linguinidimare I was more interested in Estrus in the 90s than any of the other threads. Played in that era though. nobody you know. Local. – 01:15 AM GMT
@linguinidimare had a pretty great eighties though. lived in a college town that was on and off the h/c (and post h/c) circuit. – 01:16 AM GMT
@linguinidimare there was some really cool stuff in the 90s outta Japan, Boredoms and Guitar Wolf (and of course Shonen Knife) – 01:18 AM GMT
@linguinidimare sure, it’s all it’s own thing. yu follow @the_hereford too, yeah? She was into 90s, maybe 80s punk too iirc. Liberty spikes! – 01:24 AM GMT
@linguinidimare @the_hereford she, I think. but of course we’re gender indeterminate on the interwebs! – 01:26 AM GMT
@linguinidimare @the_hereford no, you note the presented cues, it’s all good. Gender undetermined til made explicit: just being polite. – 01:29 AM GMT
hm, time to make the donuts – 01:31 AM GMT
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Do I have time to make an Osiris Claus advent calendar? – 06:28 PM GMT
Fascinating. I would like to isolate by breaker eventually. hmmmm….… – 10:23 PM GMT