Due to a surprising wave of third-party Ken Goldstein of the Week submissions, I have no choice but to declare this to be

Ken Goldstein of the Week Week!

Paul Frankenstein gets things rolling with a riff on a post of his own, bringing concrete photographic proof that our dear L’il Kay-Gee is – yowsa – kw-ITE the playa.

THIS has been your
Ken Goldstein of the Week Week

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “It's Ken Goldstein of the Week Week!

  1. re: stacey pressman. So what kind of guys are u hanging out with? I do not think you realize how rare you are!! Sounds like the guys you are talking about are real flakes to me!! A beautiful woman that knows sports is a Godsend. I know guys that kill themselves to make a woman like that happy. If he’d stay home to watch the game or bring her along, she would be well excepted among the fellas! the guys you are talking about are probably very few in nombers and stay in pockets to themselves. It may seem like a lot of them because they are so close together. information they get is because they heard it from someone else that really follow the game pertaining to the discussion. Inturn, they just repeat what someone else has said, more than likely they are too lazy to be real sports fans and try to find out the facts for themselves. Trust me. I know guys like this and they are always quiet around real knowledgible sports fans!! I wish you would give me a call!! you can have all of my shirts!!

  2. Mike is my new favorite comment-writer.

    He’s talking about this column. I have written to him, hoping he could explain how posting here might connect him with the lovely and talented Ms. Pressman.

    Failing that, I’m sure many regular readers will be pleased by the opportunity to drop by a favorite post.

    There may be some connection to Frankenstein’s link to this post as well – in my referrers today there was a sudden burst of people coming to this page on the site from over there in his March archives.

    A boy can dream, can’t he? Mike, we’re pulling for ya, buddy!

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