@johnpstrohm DAAAAD – 12:48 AM GMT
@SaraAstruc start here, and good god, good luck. lowendmac.com/2013/classic-m… – 12:58 AM GMT
I hate it when I turn off Marketplace due to loathesome propaganda only find D/A rules fuck with being able to listen to tunes where I wish. – 02:58 AM GMT
@SeattlePD @esinclai lord – 05:12 AM GMT
@annkpowers sitting in the audience often works for me – 05:57 AM GMT
Second week in oh, an indeterminate but recent time horizon that the New Yorker publishes an amazing, awesome story… behind the paywall. – 06:28 AM GMT
Therefore, no identification or attributable praise shall be forthcoming, for there is no percentage in it. – 06:29 AM GMT
It’s like they’re trolling. If they want traction, they should increment it, like, your twitter mention allows ten reads or something. – 06:31 AM GMT
As it is, I read it, think, “wow cool” and then “shit I have to check the paywall,” and I do, and I am irritated. – 06:32 AM GMT
@manwhoyells they put it on the counter? that’s more work than brushing the cereal off! – 05:26 PM GMT