@ardaniel the Google Argybarge is teh command and control center – 12:59 AM GMT
@ardaniel shit what are you DOOOING the bot is now chasing the cat waving the plunger whilst the ipad videohead is plaintively keening – 01:00 AM GMT
@Eleonorre @anticdent ha ha no – 01:02 AM GMT
RT: @billyeichner: Congrats to Mike Ditka and all the other gay people who can now get married in Illinois! – 01:03 AM GMT
@lorenacupcake INORITE – 01:03 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo I’m never voting for you in a municipal election again. uh um wait um – 01:06 AM GMT
@madamjujujive noooo come back – 01:07 AM GMT
@jordan_harper I’m comfy holding Ronald Reagan responsible. death squads were a signature foreign policy tool, of course it comes home. – 01:13 AM GMT
@gjcharlet mm, he wants to hold public office. FUN MUST BE MADE. – 01:23 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt oh yeah – 02:48 AM GMT
@mubay Jim – 02:51 AM GMT
@mubay takes one to know one – 02:53 AM GMT
@sculpin that’s how I know which red Subaru with a cargo box is mine – 02:55 AM GMT
@mubay yum! – 02:56 AM GMT
RT: @keithplocek: This story by @JoshHarkinson on Dr. Bronner’s make me feel all tingly. ow.ly/qwThH – 02:57 AM GMT
That Dr. Bronner’s story would be great, if I had set foot on a single store that carried Dr. Bronner’s products in the past six months. – 02:58 AM GMT
in, not on – 02:59 AM GMT
RT: @dansinker: New Yorkers. Not sure how this works, but if you get a choice, choose to join the Baseball Furies: …nentplastichelmet.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/tumblr… – 02:59 AM GMT
@madamjujujive @JohnM9 the big room a bit drafty? i hear ya. – 03:04 AM GMT
@fantagraphics @theSHQ YOU MUST ADD THIS AS A STRETCH GOAL – 03:05 AM GMT
@manwhoyells um, bartell’s um, nope. not in the last 6 months. – 04:42 AM GMT
hm, @NewYorker, seems silly to keep genre fan-bait behind the paywall, because i have no reason to pass it along to my non- subscriber pals. – 06:21 AM GMT
RT: @AsiaObscura: I unexpectedly just bribed my way into Arthur C. Clarke’s home, and spent the morning rifling thru his stuff. WTF? asiaobscura.com/2013/11/siftin… – 03:29 PM GMT
RT: @Sherman_Alexie: How to make USA better? Universal pre-school & tuition-free college. – 03:34 PM GMT