@textfiles @ftrain Pitfall! Next up, Bridge Commander? Pretty please? – 01:19 AM GMT
@DanEngler …um, diuretic properties aside – 01:22 AM GMT
@ardaniel that was hilarious. sweet sad “large” nerd dude trashtalked by pro FX neighbor, then we learn nerd dude has some life things too – 01:25 AM GMT
@ardaniel I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry or shrink away in fear. should have been more FX dude. – 01:26 AM GMT
@ardaniel oh wait! I just heard the ATC version, prolly a recut – 01:27 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm @billboard yes this is unacceptable please address immediately – 01:29 AM GMT
@ardaniel that is High Fidelity territory. – 01:31 AM GMT
RT: @elfrankenstino: So apparently the latest twitter meme is changing your name for Halloween. Ummmmmm. Waaaaay ahead of you on this one, Internet. – 01:32 AM GMT
RT: @JoeTheDough: The trouble with packing your books is that every now and then you have to stop for 20 minutes or so. instagram.com/p/f51lsdCxkv/ – 01:37 AM GMT
@gjcharlet you’re like “tick tock tick tock! Happy Birthday! Gettin’ closer ev’ry day!” – 04:58 PM GMT
The neighborhood kids will be so excited when they hear we’re handing out chapbooks of poetry this year! – 11:41 PM GMT
Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’mike.whybark.com/assets/pdf/FEA… – 11:58 PM GMT