@Johnny_Dale 1. tie steak to rocket 2. launch to edge of atmos 3. track reentry 4. delicious vacuum cooked steak! – 12:59 AM GMT
@DanEngler what’s that? I can hear you, but I can’t see you! – 01:01 AM GMT
@DanEngler @mubay it’s the fricking cloud innit. o my sweet potatoe – 01:02 AM GMT
@hell0jed looks good! elbows, wrists – 06:04 AM GMT
@hell0jed lol – 06:04 AM GMT
@hell0jed I bet, I have been watching with interest! – 06:47 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk ha ha I just watched my NPB team seal the deal for the, um, Japan World Series. No, they must have a different name – 08:19 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk I should look that up and go down a shitload of research linktrails while I am at it – 08:20 AM GMT
@juv3nal sweet, Wai / Doyle izz the shizz – 08:24 AM GMT
@mwhybark @BitterOldPunk no I misunderstood. tomorrow’s game is the clincher. – 08:37 AM GMT
goddammit, i blew up an egg in the microwave – 07:44 PM GMT
@manwhoyells i know, but I have previously perfected the art, or so i had thought. erred, ran for 60 sec instead of 15 sec intervals – 11:07 PM GMT
@manwhoyells poaching in a coffee cup. water + lemon juice, heat for 1:00, pause, heat for 1:00, wait 15 seconds, crack egg into water, zap – 11:08 PM GMT
@manwhoyells important to wait on the water so you don’t get boiling water zooming out when you add the egg – 11:09 PM GMT
@DanEngler be thou comforted in the knowledge that Rocket loved it – 11:56 PM GMT