@esinclai @manwhoyells thanks! – 08:25 AM GMT
@anildash not me, but my MIL (immigrant, check, check) does this. “What did she say?” “Why did they do that?” “That’s silly.” – 08:36 AM GMT
@anildash After thinking about it a bit, I think it’s a learned behavior from FOB days. Asking about media depictions helps calibrate. – 08:37 AM GMT
RT: @MykeCole: Dude! CAPTAIN INDIA! pic.twitter.com/84PnxFMoM4 – 09:33 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt damn – 09:43 AM GMT
RT: @johnolilly: Um, this can’t really be right, can it? New mascot for Fukushima name might not be perfect. fukusima.co.jp/character/inde… … – 03:55 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm I only find the confusingly retitled source article, the 9k/90k one: deathandtaxesmag.com/204385/daft-pu… – 06:08 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm … and Stacey’s link to Caitlin’s tweet seems to be the source of the 13k error. Which may mean independent repetition of it. – 06:09 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm ha ha I mean 900k. Orders of magnitude! Maths! – 06:09 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm you should just start blogging these when they crop up, over time a centralized record will prove useful and shift the dialog. – 06:11 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm also, not that you want to get into a beef with David, but The Guardian would certainly be open to a correction. Go for it! – 06:16 PM GMT