Eff me, John Snow is also the name of the doctor who pinpointed the Broad Street Pump. GRRM, I shake my fist at thee in puzzlement! – 02:33 AM GMT
@johnmoe correct, preferably the Soyuz docking cam video display – 02:34 AM GMT
OG Wicker Man for dinner screening this evening. So strange. Wish there were more like it. – 03:43 AM GMT
Good lord, a late-period regional HC reunion thread on FB has turned into a litany of who murdered who and who committed suicide. Grim. – 05:09 AM GMT
Mostly people I didn’t know, a bit younger than me, in a different town. But man, they had a rough ride. – 05:10 AM GMT
RT: @carlzoilus: Superb: Gay Talese cantankerously annotates his reluctant masterpiece “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold” from Esquire, 1966. niemanstoryboard.org/2013/10/08/ann… – 06:01 AM GMT