… And while we ended up going separately, we saw them awaiting the next show as we left: pic.twitter.com/nN3n4yTOyU – 03:28 AM GMT
I’m wearing a ground-crew tee for STS-120. My dad scored it for me, I think via one of his students. – 03:29 AM GMT
Why do I keep thinking there is a Ballard-adaptation Vermilion Sands movie? – 03:43 AM GMT
@madamjujujive NO THANK YOU – 03:43 AM GMT
@madamjujujive with air kisses, all love – 03:44 AM GMT
@kcfennessy as a Mad Magazine reader, I too thought this, but likened it to “sounds” as representing swearing not appropriate for kids. – 03:46 AM GMT
@kcfennessy and thus it shall remain. ZOUNDS, woman! – 03:46 AM GMT
@kcfennessy (although in point of fact I have never even thought my etymology was fictitious, when on reflection it must needs be. TYVM!) – 03:49 AM GMT
@madamjujujive oh lordy – 03:49 AM GMT
@kcfennessy so sweet. all three films are fantastic. Watching GoT this month, It looks to me like GoT was cribbing. Which is awesome. – 03:51 AM GMT
@kcfennessy wait, Simon Beale? Falstaff. Gotta be. I didn’t read the notes, just watched. In the 70s, Moorcock wanted Beale as Elric. – 03:52 AM GMT
between TV series. considering loading up on Hammer horror for the rest of the month. – 05:40 AM GMT
Viv seems unfamiliar with the genre. This idea holds promise. – 05:41 AM GMT
@tracicle someone there has explained Krampus to them, I think. good work. – 05:42 AM GMT
quick overview and analysis of GRAVITY mission emblem design: collectspace.com/news/news-0930… – 08:26 AM GMT
@brownpau the whole movie is Cuaron’s homage – 05:50 PM GMT