@LeVostreGC ixnay morghulis – 06:11 AM GMT
@rjamestaylor @Uber @GlennF I interpret this to indicate Robot alleges Seattle is a dirty greasepalming city, which I guess was once true – 06:13 AM GMT
@rjamestaylor @Uber @GlennF might be fun if it were again. can I get some legwork here, Robot? – 06:13 AM GMT
@rjamestaylor @Uber @GlennF you did allege bribery. – 06:17 AM GMT
@rjamestaylor @Uber @GlennF I think we can all get behind that. – 06:18 AM GMT
@rjamestaylor @Uber @GlennF i examined the hashtags closely, finding no evidence of ironist intent. subsequent exchanges resolve all! – 06:20 AM GMT
@rjamestaylor @Uber @GlennF indeed, likewise, and hugs all arond. – 06:21 AM GMT
@rjamestaylor @Uber @GlennF around even. – 06:22 AM GMT
@manwhoyells ha ha especially empty ones – 06:26 AM GMT
Richard Adams (”Watership Down”) did an AMA yesterday. reddit.com/r/IAmA/comment… – 08:13 AM GMT