sigh. last day of summer. this one has been fairly action packed, both to the good and bad. – 02:46 AM GMT
RT: @officialDannyT: The #Giveaway continues. #RT this image to be eligible to #win a #VivaMachete Tshirt!! Good Luck. #MacheteKills – 02:49 AM GMT
“Carlos Estevez”. About time. – 02:50 AM GMT
@hell0jed is there a widget that translates that into a multiplat streamin playlist Because hell yes. – 02:52 AM GMT
RT: @anildash: Feel like @waxpancake didn’t give fair shake to my #xoxofest talk proposal, “Kickstarter is a tool of the devil & major record labels rule.” – 02:52 AM GMT
@jkonrath shouldna dun thet to the ears yo – 02:54 AM GMT
@LeVostreGC “Mayster de l’Espoc” we’re probably both lucky I’m married and have no idea of your gender, because that is awesome – 02:57 AM GMT
@hell0jed darn it, no go on ipad, but looks awesome. no sweat: mini -> stereo likely to work fine. Also THANKS x2. – 03:02 AM GMT
@manwhoyells this was borne out by ye cliff mass blogge yesterday. batten down. – 07:31 AM GMT
@middleclasstool it is possible i need to drink more, then – 07:32 AM GMT… – in iOS 7, Jot Touch will no longer be able to communicate pressure sensitivity and shortcuts to upgraded devices. – 09:54 PM GMT
Prior tweet refers only to Jot Touch original, no triangle on barrel by logo, model I have had for just over a year (last week, in fact). – 09:56 PM GMT
Now, I have no intention of upgrading to iOS7 for up to two more years, and I was very disappointed in the performance of the Jot anyway. – 09:58 PM GMT
But fucksake, I’m never buying a pressure-sensitive iPad stylus ever again now, and you shouldn’t either. I was evaluating the new Wacom. – 09:59 PM GMT
But screw that, man. Apple, downstream device manufacturers, go fuck yourselves. – 09:59 PM GMT