RT: @BoingBoing: Real Stuff: Death of a Junkie dlvr.it/3zjKV1 – 12:19 AM GMT
worn down, bailed on a social invite. gotta get some rest. Bathroom’s nearly done but GOD DAMN am I in pain. – 12:21 AM GMT
@IAMLILBUB Jift? makes no sense – 12:21 AM GMT
DeeEmm notes Ayler doc: dangerousminds.net/comments/my_na… – 12:58 AM GMT
good christ, every variation on Delta Marengo was blocked by Twitter as it is a direct-message thing – 12:59 AM GMT
@manwhoyells so what you’re saying here is them Polish girls humina humina – 01:33 AM GMT
We received the dog cremains today. No, really. – 01:35 AM GMT
@IAMLILBUB as much as I hate to tangle with adorable you, I think you may have inverted the cite: m.cnet.com/news/gif-creat… – 01:37 AM GMT
@IAMLILBUB whoops! Hugs all around and give Bridavisky a big wet kiss. – 01:38 AM GMT
@poupou no, it was mutual. my worst death since Suzy, no question. – 02:23 AM GMT
another 30 minute stab at installing WINE ends in defeat. alas. – 02:27 AM GMT
corvan gilvos! – 02:35 AM GMT
TOS: The Empath. Pseud-Talosian torturers, one apparently played by Walt Disney, all on a bare back box set including a mime. – 04:53 AM GMT
@mubay it’s been working for me so far. that gives you, what, three months to pick a pair? – 03:31 PM GMT
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I wonder, is there a bibliographier single serving site? Where you could grab an academic bibliography from an ebook and … – 04:04 PM GMT
… paste it into a submit window, and hyperlinks for the elements of each citation would be applied (e.g., author, book [ISBN, ILL, Amazon] ) – 04:06 PM GMT