@manwhoyells confirmed – 02:45 AM GMT
@manwhoyellsyoutube.com/watch?v=OgwoGw…Billie Holiday: September Song – 02:48 AM GMT
@manwhoyells ixnay on any food thing with “Steamer” in the amenay – 02:50 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @DanEngler suppliant bends head over forbidden chips, where it is sombrero crowned and serape draped to hide the act from God – 02:54 AM GMT
@esinclai is that a sideways purchase disclosure? – 02:59 AM GMT
@esinclai but also, yes. sometime I should tell you about buying London Calling for RB3. A-musing, aggravating. – 03:00 AM GMT
@esinclai $200 innit? That’s less than my current 60-day electric bill. The debate here is how many times does one buy? – 03:02 AM GMT
@esinclai oh sure, untoppable. 184.95 appears to be street. Now if they included pure stereo vinyl unremastered hi-def, I think YES. – 03:05 AM GMT
@esinclai but remastering is a technical requirement, so it just doesn’t matter. Super Black Market Clash being the case in point. – 03:06 AM GMT
@middleclasstool but now you know for sure some NSA drone is ticking a box labeled “whatevs” and you are free to fly citizen – 03:08 AM GMT
@esinclai MAAAAAG NIFICENT – 09:00 PM GMT