I have incidentally challenged myself to wrote about the loss of my dog while using Sgt. Pepper’s as a soundtrack. I could skip it, because – 01:00 AM GMT
… but I am inclined to go there! I have already too much shit to do this month and there are domestic spats, reflecting stress. – 01:01 AM GMT
But grief is transient, and grief challenged is reflective of the moment of challenge, not the loss. The closer in time to the moment… – 01:04 AM GMT
…the mo’ that remain. – 01:04 AM GMT
Inadvisably I say, self, “challenge accepted”. – 01:05 AM GMT
I am clearly a masochistic idiot. – 01:05 AM GMT
@mattcanale @PRISM_NSA oh, phew, I am so relieved – 01:07 AM GMT
RT: @YourAnonNews: 1 of these guys spies on his country, executes w/o trial & drones kids. The other is Putin Via @Fawkxy pic.twitter.com/PiysaS3qH8 – 01:13 AM GMT
RT: @reppep: Thanks, @Shpantzer!s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/enhance… – 01:17 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell no, it’s incontovertible. – 01:18 AM GMT
awwmigaw the weather is like a pipe of dreams – 01:21 AM GMT
@mwhybark @jackwilliambell bosh, except for speling – 01:22 AM GMT
@Cabbage_Babble more for me! – 02:30 AM GMT
@poupou there could be prunes – 02:33 AM GMT
@telemetrist according to tonight’s broadscast, that crazy play last night should have produced an out on the baserunner. – 02:47 AM GMT
good lord i have reflected on how awesome Prince is like a thousand times more per month since I added him on Twitter. And I mean this as a – 07:57 AM GMT
Good Thing. – 07:57 AM GMT
“So you had better do as you are told // You better listen to the radio” the more i think about this Apple gig the better he gets. Fuck yes. – 08:32 AM GMT
Elvis Costello, that is, the, like, polar opposite of Prince. Although a Prince music-directed Costello gig would be worth many things. – 08:35 AM GMT