So, nerds, bring it. Gimme the spreadsheet Westeros slash, the good stuff. No fucking character driven nonsense. – 05:28 AM GMT
@sara_clarke well, in script, “whoever pays,” which, yes. And on the Wall (or Council) “for the Realm,” which, bullshit, but OK whatever – 05:30 AM GMT
@middleclasstool hope you dig the journey. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the short stories. Can’t get enough of ‘em. That ReSearch was helpful as a kid. – 05:31 AM GMT
@sara_clarke right! – 05:31 AM GMT
@sara_clarke well, the voyageur trade supplied Europe with raw materials for non-winter clothes too – pelts and grease also make felt. – 05:32 AM GMT
@sara_clarke so there’s a basis for a resource-based trade. No heavy industry though. Limited evidence of Roman demand for felt. Or none. – 05:33 AM GMT
@sara_clarke right! I’ve got some lovely mud over ‘ere! you lot on the ‘orse can stick it, roight! – 05:34 AM GMT
@sara_clarke i thing the show and GRRM uses the wasteland goth girl (wilding? I’m discarding show terms, so bear with) to get that voice in – 05:35 AM GMT
@sara_clarke … but she’s presumably outside of whatever feudal raver matrix they have going on, so we can’t trust her, clealrly – 05:36 AM GMT
@sara_clarke ah, but the voyaguers served the North. The Spanish lands were oriented toward GOLD BABY because of war debt. – 05:37 AM GMT
@sara_clarke unluckily for the Mexicans they actually had Au. So, anyway, economy drives war! I think we agree. Why is this war going down? – 05:39 AM GMT
@sara_clarke I know, there are some gestures, but they’re pretty pro forma. – 05:39 AM GMT
@sara_clarke well yes, exactly. There is some jocularity in my voice on this stuff. – 05:40 AM GMT
I totally wish I had marched up toGRRM in the airport trin the other day and been all, “your ecomoic underpinnifpgs of Westeros mystify me” – 05:41 AM GMT
no I don’t, I did the right thing by leaving him alone, even if I will always regret it. – 05:42 AM GMT
“Aren’t you the guy that wrote Sandkings? And Nightflyers? And Fevre Dream? And Armageddon Rag? Damn I love those books!” – 05:43 AM GMT
“What have you been writing lately?” – 05:43 AM GMT
@sara_clarke exactly. House Tullys today, House Starbucks tomorrow, dude, I mean my lord, can you, like, tip next time? – 05:44 AM GMT
@sara_clarke granted there are pressgangs and mandated service and fucksake probably slavery because Romans & pseudo-Achamenid-Persio-Greeks – 05:46 AM GMT
@sara_clarke ah, there it is. I have been sloughing names because old. – 05:48 AM GMT
@sara_clarke right! the show definitely doesn’t, but I haven’t read the books yet, so I did not know. – 05:49 AM GMT
@sara_clarke hoped they would, as two antecedents, Silverberg’s Majipoor and Aldiss’ Helliconia, did include good economies. – 05:51 AM GMT
@ardaniel Janice, thanks, sorry for slow uptake, had my rant on – 05:52 AM GMT
@ardaniel THIS THIS YES THIS are there graphs and shit? – 05:52 AM GMT
.@ardaniel “(or, at least, that I know enough medieval history to make up a convincing cover story for him).” YES EXACTLY THANK YOU – 05:57 AM GMT
@sara_clarke yeah, we know about crazy skylady sister but don’t recall a maiden name for the women. – 06:04 AM GMT
@LeVostreGC @sara_clarke úre éaren béon ábýgen (forgive the grammar) – 06:49 AM GMT
@LeVostreGC ah! all that translation time and you weren well in, of course – 06:50 AM GMT
@LeVostreGC also, in case you missed it:… (the retconomics thing I wanted, more or less) – 06:54 AM GMT
From that retconomist essay: “What many historians think today, however, is that the driving factor behind the Recovery was the environment” – 07:16 AM GMT
In reference to a centuries long period of good weather in medieval Europe. Summer wys a cumin in, if you will. – 07:17 AM GMT
So the thesis is elegant & obvious: the resource competition setting the Starks athwart the Lannisters with a soupçon of mad bad equerries? – 07:18 AM GMT
So, like, duh. Excellent retcon, really, maybe the best ever. I shower thee in sestercii and denarii. Or I would I mean. If I had any. – 07:20 AM GMT
@tracicle but innit more spring is on its way for you Southrons? – 03:00 PM GMT
@tracicle ah! I see. I thought perhaps you guys were traveling too. Have some raclette and Vaudois white wine for me! – 08:14 PM GMT