RT: @DanEngler: Bore witness today to the passing of one of the smartest dogs that ever lived. RIP Mr. Rocket, faithful friend, troublemaker extraordinaire. – 07:04 AM GMT
@jessedorje Today (well, 6 hours ago) a vet killed mine. – 07:05 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt technically, she’s right – nondigital radio wash static can include space stuff. ‘course, i would guess that’s drowned in-city. – 07:16 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt with independent cognition, feeding on human radio-wave spectrum energy dissipation – 07:24 AM GMT
@hell0jed you should feel free, dude. The way you hated that gig was reason for you to have quit a long time ago. – 07:41 AM GMT
RT: @vperezlb: I’m heart broken,losing my best friend,the smartest, sweetest, happiest dog I’ve ever known. It’s not fair. pic.twitter.com/fExS1FHNpf – 07:42 AM GMT
@ardaniel @hell0jed we also had a beer on Wednesday and I told him then too. we spoke of you as well! – 08:13 AM GMT