Local musician Jason Webley will be presenting his May Day concert this upcoming May 1st on board the retired ferry Skansonia moored in Lake Union.

Jason is a gifted songwriter who somehow chose the accordian as his primary instrument, and uses his gifts to craft entertaining, poetic landscapes that express a kind of doom-laden Blakean mysticism. He’s a first rate ham as a performer as well, which means that his shows are never less than entertaining.

The last show he gave here (which, in an apparent tradition, was the Halloween show) was a full-scale theatrical production, involving set-peices, story-telling, zombies in costume, Jason leading the several hundred people in attendance at the show on a torchlight parade down University Way to the foot of Lake Union culminating in the ritual flaming destruction and rebirth of a giant puppet and two tower-like totems. After the torching of these objects, Jason departed in a small wooden boat, apparently accompanied by both Charon and la Belle Dame sans Merci, and has since been listed as “missing at sea” on his website. I wrote a detailed account of the show which may be read here.

Jason has two CD’s available for purchase via his website, both of which I heartily recommend. There are rumours floating that there will be another available at the May Day show as well. I look forward to seeing what wonders Jason has cooked up for us this time around.

3 thoughts on “Jason Webley

  1. Hi Mike–I’m going nuts waiting for this May Day event to arrive! Jason has been gone so long, it’s been so lonely around here, and I’ve missed him so badly! I just wish I knew him better, and could talk to him more often. Suppose that just takes time. I’m also a bit of a shy type, but I want to have a friendlier relationship with him, and perform with him eventually too. Do you know if he ever gets together with folks and just jams for fun? I want to play something for him soon as a kind of audition process!

    Anyway, see you on May Day, I hope–


  2. Hello, Karen

    I don’t know for sure if Jason does jams. AS I’m sure you know, Jason is the person to talk to about playing with him.

    However, as you also already know, just playing, by yourself or with others, is the best way to improve one’s chops – so – keep playing! I just found out I have to miss folklife this year 🙁

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