This shark thing in the New Yorker is beautifully written. – 12:43 AM GMT
@GlennF well, it makes that claim. i define its politics as precisely that; we differ. I make no effort to convince you of my viewpoint. – 12:44 AM GMT
@GlennF pescriptivist! 😉 – 12:46 AM GMT
@GlennF the Economist’s effort to identify itself as “pragmatic” is accurate from their viewpoint. Pragmatism accepts extant power. – 12:47 AM GMT
@GlennF that’s a conservative, rightist stance. it is also self-camouflaging. I’m not looking for a beef here; my perspective is not theirs. – 12:49 AM GMT
@GlennF and now I’m selling my viewpoint. STOP THAT, MIKE. – 12:50 AM GMT
@GlennF ah, I see. Try this: The Economist, to me, is neither centrist nor free of ideological slant; it is far to the right of me. – 12:53 AM GMT
@GlennF I go through this every night with Marketplace, FWIW. Standing in the kitchen cutting onions, arguing with the air. – 12:54 AM GMT
@GlennF lastly, I’m really not trying to beef with you about one of your venues. It’s AWESOME you get to work for them. – 12:57 AM GMT
@GlennF They a real locus of high-quality work. But I have had this specific issue with the publication for years, as friends can testify. – 12:58 AM GMT
delightful celebration and anticipation of old pal’s old band:… – 01:13 AM GMT
Outrageous! My darling wife has blanket denied me the opportunity to display my own severed appendages pickled and labeled in our home. – 03:40 AM GMT
Outrage! – 03:40 AM GMT
Also, and a propos of said discussion, the smartest dog in the world has a ginormous tumor. – 03:43 AM GMT
@marikamalaea pix or it didn’t OW STOP HITTING ME OW JOKING OK OW – 03:50 AM GMT
@GlennF that is indeed the claim that they present. – 05:19 AM GMT
nothing like unseating a toilet to start the day, no sir! – 04:12 PM GMT
@moniguzman mike’s chili parlor, ballard – 04:13 PM GMT
@EricIndiana you would indeed be the expert on this – 10:34 PM GMT