@pedantrix lungs, diaphragm, reflexes – 12:06 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone dude, have you seen my awesome grey hair? it’s so grey! it gets more grey all the time! – 02:25 AM GMT
put a bird in it pic.twitter.com/BX7o8ncpMN – 02:28 AM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 @BitterOldPunk oh no, he’s much better looking than I – 02:33 AM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 @BitterOldPunk see? pic.twitter.com/MgUuQjWo0u – 02:36 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @hell0jed hey, get someone proactive in there! irl.metafilter.com/1915/PAX-2013-… – 05:21 AM GMT
@mathowie buh ba baaaaah, bupbup bah baaaaa bah bah bah – 05:23 AM GMT
sunburned wife snoring – 05:23 AM GMT
Reasons to love Metafilter #2,567: metafilter.com/131189/Whats-S… (the comments, natch) – 05:34 AM GMT
@manwhoyells charlie don’t surf (who is curmudgeonly): metafilter.com/131189/Whats-S… – 05:45 AM GMT
@nelking @mathowie sorry – 05:54 AM GMT
@ftrain you could just get one of those novelty TIME “Man of the Year” mirrors down the carnival – 04:59 PM GMT
Batteries, USB hub, cables and adapters, iPhone adapter, phones pic.twitter.com/Fr9491G206 – 06:34 PM GMT
Light, MBP power, car power, Ethernet, more iPhone power, Bluetooth power, Apple USB kit. pic.twitter.com/3svnUKbrgW – 06:36 PM GMT
Not shown due to deployment: collapsible powerstrip, socket multiplier w/USB, Airport, 10′ ext cord, 25′ Ethernet cable. – 06:38 PM GMT
All in here (not the battery case). $5 goodwill score, fits in my carryon. “KangaRoom,” poss designed for toiletries pic.twitter.com/BQjoyGYRxe – 06:41 PM GMT
@jswatz @GlennF doooo it – 11:51 PM GMT