2 thoughts on “Duct Tape secrets revelated

  1. I did some checking at OpenSecrets.org, which among other things allows user-friendly searches of FEC raw data.

    The unnamed duct tape company in the WA Post article is Manco Inc., which is part of the Henkel Consumer Adhesives conglomerate. Search results for the Kahl family of Avon, OH and/or individuals who identified Manco as their employer produced the following figures for both the 2000 and 2002 election cycles — all to Repub candidates and/or committees:

    Annie Kahl: $ 1,000
    Jack J. Kahl, Jr.: $ 14,660
    John J. Kahl: $ 103,000
    John J. Kahl, Jr.: $ 8,533
    John M. Kahl: $ 2,500
    Margaret Kahl: $ 2,500
    William Kahl: $ 2,000
    Other Manco employees: $ 5,000 [only if identified as such in the data]

    TOTAL: $ 139,193

    Also, the Henkel Consumer Adhesives site identifies Shurtape Technologies of North Carolina as their “core partner and supplier in duct tape.” Republican donations from those naming Shurtape as their employer totalled an additional $6,000 during the same election cycles.

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